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  1. Aaron Copland-American Music through the Arts
    Students will explore the music of Aaron Copland through song, dance, art and poetry
    http: //lessons.usamusic.org/32846.html

  2. Chinese Instruments
    After being exposed to and learning about different types of instruments (string, woodwind, and percussion) in traditional western music, students explore Chinese instruments through demonstration, research, and instrument making. Students present their findings formally to the class and participate in a musical performance.
    http: //artsedge.kennedy-center.org/educators/lesso...

  3. Glossary of Musical Terms and Forms

    http: //canteach.ca/elementary/music7.html

  4. Native American Music: Then and Now
    Students will learn about and participate in Native American storytelling, drama, and music, treasuring the richness of their heritage while appreciating other cultures.
    http: //lessons.usamusic.org/32875.html

  5. Here Comes the Circus
    To have students learn about circus and be able to write short paragraph about circus. To have students listen to music from circus. Listen to circus music from the Red Pony
    http: //lessons.usamusic.org/51.html

  6. Clef Notes
    A sign that is located at the beginning of every staff, that identifies the exact pitch of one particular line. The most commonly used clefs are the treble clef and the bass clef
    http: //canteach.ca/elementary/music4.html

  7. America’s New Classical Music
    This unit introduces students to the area of film music. Film is one of America’s most important art forms..
    http: //lessons.usamusic.org/32847.html

  8. A Key to Key Signatures

    http: //canteach.ca/elementary/music6.html

  9. Secret Codes of the Underground Railroad
    Fifth Graders who are studying the time period just prior to the Civil War in their history/social studies classes will discover that the music of the slaves included secretly coded messages regarding meeting times, escape plans, signals
    http: //web.archive.org/web/20060106230544/l...

  10. Halloween Fun - 3 Lessons
    To listen to composition of contemporary music. To discuss sound of traditional/non-traditional instrument. To create sound piece
    http: //lessons.usamusic.org/50.html

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