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  1. The Early 1980s: A Tough Time For Home Builders and Mortgage Bankers
    Have you ever thought of how much it might cost you to finance the purchase of a home? The home's purchase price is like..
    http: //econedlink.org/e36

  2. The Economics of Homebuying
    This lesson provides an overview of the basics of buying a home for the first time. Your students may make this decision..
    http: //econedlink.org/e121

  3. What Would You Work Hard For?
    GRADES K-2. This lesson has students go through a simulation to learn about value, abundance, and scarcity and asks them to consider the things that they’d be willing to work very hard for...
    http: //nationalgeographic.com/xpeditions/lesso...

  4. Every Penny Counts
    You know that $5 bill you got for your birthday? There are many things you could spend it on, aren't there? You could buy a toy boat to sail on the pond...
    http: //econedlink.org/e461

  5. Hey Pop!
    You will compare several brands of popcorn – determining which tastes best, comparing price per serving and researching the production of corn per state..
    http: //econedlink.org/e453

  6. Clipping Coupons
    Using coupons, students will learn why we make the choices as consumers.
    http: //econedlink.org/e382

  7. What Do People Want to Wear?
    You will use a market scenario as a basis for analyzing the relationship between the demand for and the price for a product
    http: //econedlink.org/e458

  8. Lesson Plan: Credit: Buy Now & Pay More Later
    Students explore the costs and benefits of using credit cards. They can take a quiz to test their Credit Card IQ.
    http: //themint.org/teachers/buy-now-and-pay-la...

  9. Simple Simon Meets a Producer
    In this lesson you will learn what consumers and producers do. You will also be asked to give two examples of resources used by producers
    http: //econedlink.org/e464

  10. Incentives Influence Us!
    Let's learn more about the incentives offered to you. Which incentives influence you? Which do not?
    http: //econedlink.org/e378

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