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  1. Ancient Civilization Resources
    A great resource for information on Ancient Civilizations. Information on the Americas,Ancient Middle East,Aztec,China, Early Humans,Egypt,Greece,Incas,India,Mayans,Prehistory,Rome...
    http: //cybersleuth-kids.com/sleuth/History/Ancient...

  2. Ancient Civilizations- Clipart, Pictures and Maps
    Great resource for clipart,maps and pictures of the different ancient civilizations.
    http: //classroomclipart.com/clipart/History/Ancien...

  3. Live From Antiquity!
    Return to ancient Athens for the world premier of Antigone.
    http: //edsitement.neh.gov/view_lesson_plan.asp?id=...

  4. National Gallery of Art - Cambodia: Virtual Tour Welcome

    http: //nga.gov/exhibitions/camwel.htm

  5. Women Monarchs and Heads of State--World History/Ancient History lesson plan (gr
    Students learn that women have led countries since ancient times. We can compare and contrast the rules of various women.
    http: //school.discovery.com/lessonplans/programs/h...

  6. Mummy Tales--Ancient History lesson plan (grades 6-8)--DiscoverySchool.com
    Students learn what mummies are, where they’ve been found; how they are made, and what can be learned from them.
    http: //school.discovery.com/lessonplans/programs/m...

  7. Byzantium--World History/Ancient History lesson plan (grades 9-12)--DiscoverySch
    Students learn that rule and control of the city that began as Byzantium and that we now call Istanbul shifted many times. At times, the city was a center of great culture.
    http: //school.discovery.com/lessonplans/programs/b...

  8. Egyptian Symbols and Figures: Hieroglyphs
    Students will examine the art and history of ancient Egypt through the oldest writing system in the world. This lesson teaches students how to understand and write Egyptian hieroglyphs
    http: //edsitement.neh.gov/view_lesson_plan.asp?id=...

  9. Wheel of Pharaoh--Ancient History lesson plan (grades K-5)--DiscoverySchool.com
    Students learn how to review important facts and concepts about ancient Egyptian civilization. They identify important vocabulary and names pertaining to ancient Egypt.
    http: //school.discovery.com/lessonplans/programs/w...

  10. Ancient Civilizations: Mesopotamia
    Explore the ancient civilization of the Mesopotamia. Read about their writing system, counting, math system, medicine, and more. See the art, culture, and history of this ancient civilization as well as the Assyrians from Northern Mesopotamia. Included is an interactive website about the temples of Sumer, Babylon and Assyria
    http: //ethemes.missouri.edu/themes/1562?locale=en


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